Work Trade Hours are a great way to help ensure that our community thrives. As part of your eNDVR membership, you have agreed to a minimum of 4 volunteer/parent hours each month, you also have the opportunity to use volunteer/parent hours to help offset the cost of classes.

We have created a list of available volunteer opportunities, once you sign up for a task or job, your commitments will be displayed at the bottom of this webpage. Once you have completed your task please click the “clear” button on the task displaying in your list.

If you have questions about parent hours please feel free to contact us, if there is a job that is not listed that you feel is a need in order to help our community run more smoothly please submit a job request. 

You must be logged in to a valid account to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities.

*Volunteer Opportunities are for members only, click here for information on becoming a co-op member.