If you have multiple children with different transportation requirements please fill out separate forms for each child.

*Forms DO NOT work on Safari, if you are using a Mac please access form via Google Chrome.

Student Transportation Waiver

Does your child require a booster seat?
Yes, my child REQUIRES a booster seat
No, my child does NOT require a booster seat.

By marking “yes”, I understand that it is my responsibility to provide a booster seat for my child each time my child will be transported. Failure to provide a booster seat when required will result in your child missing class.
*** MT law states all children under 6 years of age OR under 60 lbs are required to be in a booster seat.

This form is valid for the duration of your membership/registration of any class, camp or activity at LWM, Inc. eNDVRand/or Aspire. Due to the hands-on nature of our educational philosophies, field trips happen often and it is a possibility that classes will likely leave campus weekly. We do our best to inform parents during registration if transportation will be necessary for a class, however at times teacher's may add a field trip or off site class after registration, in this case we will do our best to notify you prior to the day of the trip.

I would like to be notified at least 24 hours prior to my child leaving campus for any class in which they are registered through LWM Inc, eNDVR/Aspire.

Please read and accept all terms by clicking the box next to each condition:

I agree to read the class descriptions in full so I understand if my child is signing up for a class that provides regular field trips and will be prepared for my child to be transported weekly or according to the teacher’s schedule.

I authorize Learning With Meaning, INC (dba eNDVR/Aspire) to transport my minor child in a company van, by public transportation, or in the personal vehicle of a teacher, driven by an individual authorized by Learning With Meaning, INC (dba eNDVR/Aspire).

I understand my child is expected to follow all applicable laws regarding riding in a motor vehicle. I have read, understand, and discussed with my child: (1) My child may travel in a motor vehicle driven by a Learning With Meaning, INC (dba eNDVR/Aspire) teacher or parent (2) My child may travel via public transportation and will need to follow bus rules as well as safety rules of walking to and from bus stops provided by teachers; (3) My child is expected to listen to supervising staff/driver, respect staff and other children, the vehicles they ride in, and the people they travel with during the trip; (4) My child is to remain in his/her seat, wear a seatbelt, and not be disruptive to the driver of the vehicle.

I recognize that participation in this activity, as with any activity involving motor vehicle transportation, may put my child at risk for personal injury or permanent loss. I hereby attest and verify I have been advised of the potential risks, and I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this activity, and I assume any expenses incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses.

As a condition for the transportation received, I, for myself, my child, my executors and assigns, further agree to release and forever discharge Learning With Meaning, INC (dba eNDVR/Aspire), and their employees and volunteers from any claim that I might have myself or that I could bring on my child’s behalf with regard to any damages, demands or actions whatsoever, including those based on negligence, in any manner arising out of transportation.

Please agree to ONE of the following:

I DO AGREE to and have read this entire waiver and authorization form, I fully understand its terms and conditions and agree fully to its conditions.

I DO NOT agree to allow my child to be transported by Learning With Meaning, INC (dba eNDVR/Aspire) for field trips and will plan to either transport my own child to every field trip or not sign up for classes that are based heavily on field trips.


**By Electronically Signing this form you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.