The Bible of Teaching Reading: How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons


I have had three copies of this book over the years and lost two to parents when I lent them out and they never came back. I really can’t be upset because I get it. This book is just that good.

I’ve had a lot of experience tutoring students who are struggling readers and this book works almost like magic in propelling them into the reading world. If you have a child who is ready and interested in reading, this book will give them all the skills they need to be a developing reader. It’s also a great program to use with anyone (even adults) who are not reading because it systematically teaches reading in a way that can remedy areas of confusion and develop skills that are lacking.

At first glance the print that students read looks quite strange, especially in the first thirty lessons. The author, Sigfried Englemann, connects letters in digraphs, makes silent letters looks oddly small and litters the text with arrows and dots. These written prompts (which are almost entirely faded out by lesson 50) mixed with the blending skills this book teaches are the magic behind the 100 Easy Lessons. The first ten lessons will be fairly easy for early readers and focus mostly on phonetics. As you go through the book, the phonetic skills progress and the reading passages get longer. By the 100th lesson, students will be reading full page passages at roughly a first grade level. The best part is that the lessons are clearly scripted out for instructors so you only need to read the colored text and the book does the rest.

If I haven’t convinced you the power of this book, please take a moment to click on the Amazon link and check out the number of five star rating it’s accumulated.


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