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Our TEEN Leadership and Apprenticeship opportunities gives older students an opportunity to gain leadership experience by helping an instructor and younger students with classroom projects. In some cases, learning a specialized skill under the direction of an adult will be an option as well.  Part of the experience will include making a plan with specific expectations and documenting your progress.  What an excellent opportunity and something that can be added to your future resume’!  

*FREE for students in the afternoon Teen Program!

This class can accompany the afternoon teenage theme, you won’t need to choose one over the other!  A few of the instructors who are looking for teen leaders are listed at the bottom of the page.  If you know of an additional class or instructor you wish to work with, just let us know.


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Days:  Will vary depending on student choice          Times: Vary
Starts:  Feb. 1        Ends: March 28
Ages: 9-18

Instructors: Brandi Whitney and Elaine Anderson-Wood
(certified K-8: all subjects, 5-12 language arts,
social sciences)



Instructors looking for teen leaders…

Days                                                 Titles                                                      Instructors

Monday Morning:                         Mathemagicians                                       Kerry M. A. &  Elaine A-W

Monday Afternoon:

Tuesday Morning:                       Pop Science                                                 Marilyn M.
Tuesday Morning                           Biology Basics                                             Marilyn M.
Tuesday Morning                           Art                                                                 Brandi W.
Tuesday Morning                           Lego Challenge                                           Jalalieh M.

Tuesday Afternoon:                      Planets and Stars                                        Kerry M. A.


Wednesday Morning:              Pi Rats Anti-Anxiety Math                       Elaine A-W
Wednesday Morning                  Lego Mind Storms/Wedos                       Annie B. G.

Wednesday Afternoon:              Montana Mysteries                                    Elaine A-W


Thursday Morning:               Exploratory Adventures                          Elaine A-W

Thursday Afternoon:             “Treasure Island” Book Club                    Elaine A-W


Friday Morning:

Friday Afternoon: