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Technology is so amazing, yet so overwhelming. We’re told that our children have too much screen time, are being robbed of their writing skills by text messaging and have shorter attention spans because of the technology that is a part of their daily lives. Is it true? Maybe yes, maybe no, depending on the literature that you are reading. What we do know is that these devices are a part of our students’ lives. If we don’t embrace them, we are missing out on an avenue by which we might (miraculously) reach our students in a long lasting and meaningful way. Just think about it – our students come to class with video cameras, calculators, and research tools in their pockets. Even better, our students are just dying to use them. So, embrace it. Technology can be an amazing addition to your classroom, home school room or parent/child time, if used correctly. Check out our reviews of iPad apps, XBox games and more for some help getting started.

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