Summer Sneak Attack #1: Mad Libs

There are so many different Mad Libs!
There are so many different Mad Libs!

Summer time goes so fast and there never seems to be enough time to squeeze in learning. There are so many other things to do… rivers to jump in, late night movies to watch, summer camps and outdoor  activities are what make summer time great for kids. But, as parents, we worry about how to keep our children moving forward during those summer months. In the summer, you are responsible for your child’s brain – a responsibility you had happily delegated to another person for nine months out of the year. It’s kind of a big deal and a little scary at times.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a few different ideas for educational sneak attacks.

Summer Sneak Attack Idea #1: Mad Libs

Yes, Mad Libs. Before we had ipads and smart phones, we had Mad Libs. And we loved them. And yes, your children will be no different than you – “stinky” will probably be their favorite adjective, and their Mad Libs will be full of words that make them giggle and make you cringe. I will spare the list… you already know what it is. This is the circle of parenting… you did it to your parents, so you already know what all of the words are anyway. But, fart jokes aside, at least three good things are happening to keep your children’s brains in shape:

  1. They are working together – it takes at least two to create a Mad Lib.
  2. They are remembering what nouns, adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech are.
  3. They are practicing reading out loud.

Here’s the cool thing about Mad Libs: they have one for just about every kid. We have Princess Mad Libs, Lego Star Wars Mad Libs, Zombie Mad Libs and more in our collection. Mad Libs are a great thing to try while you are driving from one activity to the next. Instead of letting your kids play on your phone, break out a Mad Libs and see what happens… but make sure to turn on your selective hearing!


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