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You don’t have to be a member to participate in classes at eNDVR, but if you are interested in attending more than 2 classes per week, co-op membership makes it more affordable.

Our members pay a flat membership fee and contribute 4 work hours to our cooperative each month. In return, members have the following opportunities:

  • Students can use eNDVR’s resources and technology to complete independent projects or to work with friends.
  • Member families can register for classes 1 week before the public, and receive a 37% discount on classes and a 20% discount on summer camps.
  • Students can be dropped off at any time during our business hours at the rate of $5 hr. Members must supply activities or curriculum for independent learning, or sign students up to take a class. Some classes may require additional fees for supplies and materials.
  • Members can work at the cooperative and receive $10 off their bill for every 1 hour worked. Parents, guardians, grandparents and students 13 and over can perform any approved job at eNDVR or from home in order to make their education more affordable.

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