Minecraft Server Family Access

$15.00 every 3 months with 1 month free trial

Once you have set up your account, go to our members area to add your Minecraft IDs. It may take up to 24 hours for us to activate your account. If you would like to get set up faster, please call us at 406-493-6886 between the hours of 9:30 and 3:30 and ask to speak with a Minecraft administrator.


Play with your friends in a safe, virtual environment! Enjoy Minecraft Mondays without having to leave the house! Membership on our server allows up to 4 family members (under the age of 18) to play on our Standard (Laptop/Linux/PC/Mac) Minecraft server.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a virtual world where anything is possible. Build your own house with friends, play hide and seek, do battle in a hunger games style arena (don’t worry parents – there’s no blood). On our servers, students get to be who they want to be. They can create their own Minecraft skin to show off their personality. They can chat with friends and even learn a little bit about computer programming without realizing it!

Minecraft Monday

On Minecraft Mondays, we will gather in a virtual world to play games, take challenges and build together! eNDVR teens will be there to lead the fun and make sure that everyone follows the rules. Stay tuned to our website for information on upcoming Minecraft Mondays.

Before you play.

You will need to purchase a Minecraft ID for the P.C. (computer) version or purchase the Pocket Edition for your tablet or device. The P.C. version is available through minecraft.net and is currently about $25.00. We currently do not support the console version for Wii, Playstation, or Xbox.

Why use our server?

The students at eNDVR have created a Minecraft server especially for homeschoolers. Our students manage and maintain this server as a fundraiser for technology purchases at the eNDVR homeschool learning space. While there are many “unpaid” options out there, they are often “pay to play”, selling rank and items for real money. Our servers are a great environment for kids where items, rank and in game currency are never for sale, only earned through play and accomplishments.



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