Our Sessions:

Each year we offer students 4 sessions, each session consists of 8 weeks of classes. During that 8 weeks we offer classes that primarily focus on our theme for the session while also offering core classes that are offered most sessions.

Survive Session

In early September we kick off our first 8 week session. During this session we focus on classes and topics that are primitive and survival skill based combined with areas of technology, gardening and other workshops. Students will focus on primitive skills and the building blocks of technology in order to gain better understanding of their world.
Students attending this session have an option to attend Rabbitstick, a primitive skills gathering in Rexburg, Idaho (this is not mandatory but is encouraged, student 14+ can attend with eNDVR all students under 14 must be accompanied by an adult family member)

Express Session

November starts our 8 week Express session. In this session our main focus is self expression. Enhance your child’s development with writing, art, music and theatre class options. Our goal is to offer classes and topics that encourage kids to showcase their talents and help them to develop their expressive abilities.
Express session also kicks off the filming of our annual movie project, students can participate in acting, film crew, costume design, makeup, screenplay and other filming subjects.

Innovate Session

Our 3rd session focuses on technology and begins in February. Many of our students shine when they are asked to perform tasks on computers and this session allows them to expand these abilities. Students that are new to technology will benefit from an introduction to these topics. Students that attend this session will have the opportunity to develop video games, work on our eNDVR Minecraft server, film stop motion, short movies, robotics and electrical engineering. Students will also start the editing process for our annual movie project that was started during the Express Session.

Connect Session

Our last session of the year starts in April and is all about making connections in our local community. Students may learn about government, become community activists or perform community service work. Teens may volunteer at the Special Olympics Spring Games and younger students might choose to make signs and cheer for participants. Montana history is studied in an immersive way, along with survival skills. Students plan and plant our community garden and create crafts to sell at the farmers market. It is our hope that students in this term develop a grounded understanding of their place in our community.