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Yellowstone Trivia is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Our first release of the summer is Yellowstone Trivia, a fun game for 1-4 players that helps the whole family to learn important facts about Yellowstone National Park. Three different levels of questions allow the whole family (ages 7-adult) to play as you drive through the park. Kids can try out the easy questions while adults tackle the hard ones, creating a fun learning experience for all!

Try these Questions:

Easy: What hydrothermal feature did fishermen use to cook fish until 1929?
a. Fishing Cone
b. the Boiling River
c. a microwave
d. Fish Cook Cone

Medium: How many people work in Yellowstone National Park during the summer?
a. about 100
b. about 500
c. about 2000
d. about 4000

Hard: What are the colorless microbes that live at high temperatures called?
a. archaea
b. chemola
c. algae
d. bacteria

answers: Easy-a, Medium-d, Hard-a

Now download the app to try some more!

Download for iPhone
Download for iPad
Download on Google Play (Android)



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