That’s right, eNDVR has a Minecraft server just for homeschoolers! We will host regular Minecraft Monday events on our server so you can play with other homeschoolers from around Montana and the rest of the U.S. Play mini games, stake a claim in our creative worlds or try to make it on our survival server.

MinecraftFamilies who register in April will receive one free month on the server to help us troubleshoot our mini games and suggest improvements.

We are charging $5 per month for a family with up to 4 Minecraft or Pocket accounts. The fees for our server will offset the cost of running the server and help support our programs for local homeschool students.

The goal of the eNDVR homeschool learning space is provide Missoula area homeschoolers with resources and classes at the lowest possible price. Please support us and enjoy this proje
ct that is created and maintained by our eNDVR homeschool students.

Members – manage your account and check for updates!