eNDVR/Aspire Membership Agreement

This membership agreement is between

and Learning With Meaning, Inc. This agreement is limited to activities at and related to eNDVR located at 1905 W. Sussex Ave and/or Aspire 1806 South Ave. Suite A Missoula, Montana.

Membership will begin on
and will continue until it is canceled by either party. (See Membership Cancellation Policy Below)

Please read and accept all terms by clicking the box next to each condition of this agreement.

I understand that my family will be billed a monthly membership fee of $20 for the first two students, plus $10 for each additional student, or an annual membership at a discounted rate. This fee and any additional charges incurred on my account will be charged through PayPal. Annual fees are non-refundable.

I understand that my family will be required to contribute 4 work hours per month. Work hours must be approved by Learning With Meaning Inc. prior to execution. If my family does not contribute 4 work hours per month our account will be charged an additional $40 for each month that hours are not completed. Any invoice that goes unpaid for longer than 45 days will be grounds for cancellation of my membership. I understand that my family is obligated to contribute at minimum 4 hours per month without work/trade compensation. I will receive $10 per hour volunteered after 4 via work/trade credit. (Work/trade hours have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash, check etc...)

All work/trade hours earned will be applied to my online account and will remain there for the duration of my active membership. Should my membership lapse or be canceled for reasons of non-payment or voluntary cancellation for longer than 30 days my work/trade credit will expire and will no longer be valid or reimbursed.

Work/Trade hours can be earned by any member of my family ages 13+ or a designated person that is approved to volunteer their time on behalf of my family.

I understand that my student’s behavior cannot be disruptive to other students. If this is the case, I will be asked to attend classes with my student and supervise my student at all times. If my student continues to be disruptive I understand that my student may be asked to no longer attend classes at eNDVR or Aspire.

Membership Cancellation Policy: I understand that this membership agreement can be terminated by either party with written, faxed, or emailed 30 day notice. The agreement will also be terminated when membership dues are not paid, for any reason.

Class Attendance Cancellation Policy: I understand that I have the right to withdrawal my child from classes at anytime. I agree to the following terms regarding cancellation of classes and refunds:
-Child must be withdrawn from class no later than the start of the second class to receive a refund matching the currency in which I paid. (less the fee for the 1st weeks class).
-Child must be withdrawn from class no later than the start time of the 5th class of the term to receive coupon credit for the remainder of the classes scheduled for the term. (less the fees for the first 4 classes)
-Any withdrawal after the start of the 5th class of the session is non-refundable.

I understand that in order to maintain my active membership I (or a representative from my family) must attend all eNDVR/Aspire Monthly Member Meetings. I can attend in one of three ways.
1: Physically attending the meeting at the designated date, time and place.
2: Watch the member meeting live via the eNDVR Facebook Member Group.
3: Watch the meeting after it occurs and report back to the designated eNDVR representative the "secret meeting word" that I will hear during the recording.

Failure to attend two meetings during a school year in one of the three ways listed above will result in cancellation of my membership.

One work/trade hour will be issued for each family member age 13+ that physically attend the meeting.

I understand that as part of my eNDVR/Aspire membership I am required to download and accept the invite to the community Band App in order to receive notifications and communications regarding, classes, events, parent jobs etc...

I agree that upon drop off and pick up of my child that I will complete the sign in/out requirement each time my child is dropped off or picked up from class.

I agree to be proactive and responsible in assisting my child in cleaning up their space and any messes they make in the building during each and every visit to eNDVR/Aspire and failure to do so could result in my being asked to accompany my child in the building at all times.


**By Electronically Signing this form you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.