Images of Math

IMG_0266This week, we took another look at the meaning behind the numbers. I asked my kids to come up with an equation and then find it in real life. My daughter picked 2+3=5 (she’s 6)and I asked my sons to choose a multiplication or division equation. I asked them to really think about what these numbers meant. The challenge was to see if they could take the math that they see on paper and apply it to something real. In the real world, math doesn’t come in the form of an equation. It comes as a word problem, then we have to figure out what operations to use and why. When we ask our kids to practice math on worksheets, I think they are missing that real world understanding. I am hoping that our photo project, along with the other math projects that we do around our house, helps my kids to use math to interpret their world, not keep it separate.

Images of Math Project

Step 1: Come up with an equation. This equation should be something relevant to what they are working on currently in their math curriculum.  Examples might be 4+2=6, 27/3=9, 4×4=16, etc.


Step 2: Give each kid a camera. Tell them to go and make images of their equation. They can use legos, fruit, toy cars, stuffed animals, or anything they want. The point is to be as creative as possible and have fun with it. For our project, each kid came up with five pictures of their equation.

Step 3:  Print the images out on 4×6 photo paper.

SteIMG_0285p 4: Write the equation on a small piece of posterboard (ours was 12×12) and create a collage of images around the equation.






Step 5: Display the posters. Repeat this process and expand to new concepts (negative numbers, exponents).


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