iGet Math: Planet X
January 21, 2015 on iOS and Android

The Starr family is headed to Planet X on a family vacation. All of the sudden, evil aliens arrive and blast the Starr babies across the cosmos. Your job is to rescue each of the babies by solving ten multiplication problems on each planet. Beat Planet X and send the aliens back to their evil planet.

iGet Math: Planet X is not your average “skill drill” game. This game will actually help your child understand how multiplication works. Planet X teaches kids to skip count (2,4,6,8, etc) for each multiplication fact and also gives them the opportunity to solve the problem with memorized math facts.

This is a game for students of all ages and abilities. 2nd graders will enjoy skip counting to reveal multiplication facts. 3rd-5th graders will get the practice they need to keep their facts in their heads. Older kids will have fun trying to get the high score on each of the 11 planets.

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