*Please note that iGet Math: Base 10 is no longer in the app store. On October 1, 2014, we will a new version of our addition app called iGetMath: Addition. We decided to create a different app (instead of an update) because iGetMath: Addition is a significant change from iGetMath: Base 10. For all of our iGetMath: Base 10 users, we are happy to give you iGetMath: Addition for free. Please just send us a screenshot of the Make 50 level as proof that you have downloaded and use our software!

   iGet Math: Base 10 for iPad

iGet Math: Base 10 Make 50
balloon-dog-tensunderwater subtraction

  • iGet Math: Base 10 brings base 10 blocks to life in a fun, virtual world!
  • Interact with cute characters that regroup and ungroup into 1s, 10s and 100s
  • Independent fun for children ages 3-7 – NO READING REQUIRED
  • Meet students where they’re at with 8 skill levels and 96 Common Core based quests
  • Give children a true understanding of how basic addition and subtraction works
  • Based on current educational research, developed and tested by teachers
  • Use it on your smart board to demonstrate concepts in the classroom
  • Download it from the iTunes app store for $1.99 or check out our video to see it in action!
  • TRY IT FREE!!! If you are a teacher or technology purchaser for a school district, we will give you one copy of iGet Math: Base 10 free. Just contact us from your work email and tell us a little about your classroom.

Take a video tour of iGet Math: Base10

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Quick Lesson Plans

  Exploring Ten (PreK-K)

Sample Worksheets

iGet Math: Base 10

  Make 10

  Make 20

  Make 50

  Take Away From 10

[/dropshadowbox] Would your child benefit from a deeper understanding of how math works? iGet Math: Base 10 offers parents and educators a way to help children learn in a fun and productive way.


– Make 10
– Make 20
– Make 50
– Make 100
– Make Anything (0 up to 100 – teacher/parent can set parameters)
– Take Away From 10
– Take Away From 20
– Take Away from Anything (0 up to 100 – teacher/parent can set parameters)

-96 Common Core aligned quests
-4 sets of adorable animal blocks
-4 animated backgrounds


– Counting
– Addition
– Subtraction
– Early algebra


– Aligned with National Common Core math standards!
– Fun and engaging for ages 3 to 8!
-Basic addition and subtraction up to 100.
-Comes with four blocks and four backgrounds to keep children engaged.
-Worksheets and lesson ideas available on our website: http://endvr.org.
-Flexible for use as a classroom tool.
-Assessment page tracks student engagement and progress.
-Students can use the app with minimal adult assistance.

Privacy Disclosure
iGet Math Base 10:

– Does not contain 3rd Party Ads.
– Does not contain integration with social networks.
– Does include youtube math tutorials.
– Does include links to other apps by Learning With Meaning.

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