*Please note that iGet Math: Base 10 is no longer in the app store. On October 1, 2014, we will a new version of our addition app called iGetMath: Addition. We decided to create a different app (instead of an update) because iGetMath: Addition is a significant change from iGetMath: Base 10. For all of our iGetMath: Base 10 users, we are happy to give you iGetMath: Addition for free. Please just send us a screenshot of the Make 50 level as proof that you have downloaded and use our software!

Video 1: Getting Started
This video will help you to understand the basic features of iGet Math: Base 10. If you cannot see the video, you may not have Youtube enabled on your device. For more help, please visit our website at www.learningwithmeaning.com.

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