Game Screen Tools and Buttons

quests-buttonQuest Button The quest button will take the player to the “quests” screen, where 12 common core based quests can be accessed. Each of the quests has both written and verbal instructions. Also, new terms (ex: “sum” and “equation”) are defined with written, verbal and animated descriptions.
Blocks Button
Players can use this button to change the base 10 blocks from within the game. Different blocks move around in different ways and some may appeal to kids more than others. The basic game comes with balloon dogs, owls, walruses and stars.
Magna Tool
Players can use the magna tool to move the base 10 blocks from one side of the equation to the other. iGet Math: Base 10 operates in a physics based world, so children can enjoy flinging blocks around and watching where they fall or stacking blocks one on top of another.
Crane Tool
Our crane is attached to an alien spaceship because… well, we have no idea. But it’s funny and kids love it. Pick blocks up with the crane by tapping on the block that you want to pick up. Then, tap somewhere else on the screen to move the crane over and drop the block.
Count ToolCount Tool The count tool allows students to count all of the blocks on the screen. Students are awarded XP any time they count all of the blocks in one part of the equation. For more advanced settings, hidden addends sums and differences are revealed when students count all of those blocks.
Flick ToolFlicky Finger Tool The flicky finger button is another way for students to move blocks from one side of the equation to the other. When this tool is selected, a player can touch a base 10 block and watch the equation change as the block is flicked across the screen.
Eraser ButtonEraser Tool The eraser tool can be used in a subtraction game to change a regular block into a take away block or vice versa.
Solve It ButtonSolve Button The solve button will animate the equation and allow students to watch as the math happens. For addition equations, the blocks will be moved together to show how addition works. For subtraction equations, the take away blocks will be removed by alien spaceship to demonstrate subtraction.

Settings Tools and Buttons

backgrounds-buttonBackgrounds Button The backgrounds button allows you to change the background on the game screen. The basic version of iGet Math: Base 10 comes with 4 backgrounds: Easter Island, Castle, Underwater and Space. Each background has its own block mover and its own animations.
blocks2-buttonBlocks Button The blocks button allows students to change the base 10 blocks that are used in the game. The basic game comes with four blocks: owl, balloon dog, walrus and star. Students can also change blocks from within the game.
skills-buttonSkills Button The skills button allows teachers and students to choose between 8 skill levels: Make 10, Make 20, Make 50, Make 100, Make Anything, Take Away from 10, Take Away from 20, and Take Away from Anything. Each skill level can be customized through the settings screen and a range can be set for Make/Take away from Anything levels. For example, if students are practicing addition up to 5, the Make Anything level can be set to only add numbers up to 5.

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