*Please note that iGet Math: Base 10 is no longer in the app store. On October 1, 2014, we will a new version of our addition app called iGetMath: Addition. We decided to create a different app (instead of an update) because iGetMath: Addition is a significant change from iGetMath: Base 10. For all of our iGetMath: Base 10 users, we are happy to give you iGetMath: Addition for free. Please just send us a screenshot of the Make 50 level as proof that you have downloaded and use our software!

The Common Core is a set of math and language arts standards that provide consistent learning objectives for students kindergarten through 12th grade.  These standards are designed to develop and build relevant skills for students to be successful in college and careers.  To date, 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

iGet Math: Base 10 allows children to explore math at their own pace, but it also helps them to strengthen their understanding of the Common Core Standards with quests.  Within each skill there are twelve quests that children can complete to challenge themselves and strengthen their understanding of Common Core Math Standards.  Each quest is given a color to indicate the area of the Common Core Math Standards that it supports.  Operations and Algebraic Thinking are Blue, Counting and Cardinality are orange, Numbers and Operations in Base 10 are green, comparing numbers based on greater than or less than are yellow, regrouping is red and unknown addends are purple.

Below are graphs that illustrates how these Common Core Math Standards are supported through quests throughout the app.

Addition Skills

Quest Pie Chart 2


Subtraction Skills

Quest Pie Chart 3



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