Home Schooling  The decision to home school your children may be one of the scariest decisions that you’ve ever made. You may be here because that decision was made for you – illness, school bullying, or your child’s mental health has created a situation where home schooling is the only option. Or, you may have a belief system that is not shared with your local public school. And some of you may have been waiting for the day your child was old enough to begin home schooling, knowing that you were destined to be an amazing parent-teacher.

Home school can be a fun filled journey that is shared by parent and child. It does not have to revolve around the kitchen table, endless workbooks, and an environment that resembles the one that your child just left. Learning With Meaning has lesson plans, strategies, technology advice, and activities that can help make your home school experience successful and emotionally rewarding for both student and teacher. We are home school parents. We’ve had those days where we wonder what the heck we’ve gotten ourselves into. We hope that our resources will help.

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