Come join our eNDVR community!  You can sign up for individual class experiences, or your child can attend full or part time days depending on your needs.  In addition to offering classes to students at the K-12 level, we soon will have several one day seminars that adults or even entire families can attend!


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NEW K-8 Program Possibilities:  If you are interested in sending your child to eNDVR either full time or part time, we’ll tailor it to your needs.  Let us know if we can assist you with early drop-off issues and which days or half days you’d like your child to attend!  In the K-8 program, this will save you from having to sign up class by class and will ensure that your specific needs are met!  Please view the full and part time options/requirements, below.

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Full Time Option:  Monday-Friday 9:30-3:30 (earlier drop-off and later pick-up can be arranged). Member Price: $1200 per 8 week quarter*

Non-Member Price: $1920 per 8 week quarter

Part Time Option:  At least two full days or four half days per week.

Member Price: $5 per hour

Non-Member Price: $8 per hour

*Members work a minimum of 4 co-op hours per month. Each work hour can be traded for 2 hours of classes. Some of our co-op members ONLY pay for classes with work hours!



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5-12 Program Updates:  Each semester, at the 5-12 levels, we offer a specific discovery theme during the afternoons!  If you are interesting, please sign-up on our webpage.  The upcoming third semester is entitled “Innovate.”  In addition, or as an alternative plan, students may attend various morning or specific afternoon classes.  Our Teen Leadership & Apprenticeship opportunities offer older students the chance to mentor younger students, help instructors in the classroom, or learn a specific skill!  A variety of Teen Leadership opportunities are offered both in the mornings and afternoons.  We offer time for students to delve into individual projects related to technology or any other subject of interest as well.


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Overview:  Children in either the K-8 or 5-12 program will attend the various age-appropriate thematic class options for the semester.  In addition, students will have time to complete individual work.  The day starts out with our Breakfast Club (a quiet time to read or work individually on personal “assignments.”)  We encourage you to bring in materials that your child works on at home.  We do have many computers, books and materials that students are welcome to use.


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Throughout the day, your child will have time to work one-on-one and in small groups with adults and certain teen mentors to build personalized skills.  The opportunity to gain computer and technology based knowledge is offered throughout the day.


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Fridays are set aside for field trips, guest speakers, board games and other special events!


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eNDVR Instructors:  Our community is made up of multi-talented individuals who come with practical experience, a wealth of knowledge and degrees in a wide-range of fields.  For certain classes, college students and professional members of the Missoula community help with instruction.



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As both a certified teacher and parent at eNDVR, I can attest to the fact that students have an incredible learning opportunity when they take part in our family based co-op!


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Curriculum Director:  Elaine Anderson-Wood (Certified K-12: all subjects, 5-8 language arts, social sciences,
-twenty years of alternative education & public school teaching experience.)

Contact information:  stay@bluemountainbb.com    Cell: 531-3777      Home/Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast number: 531-3666


Annie Barksdale Graham is the founder of eNDVR.  Her vision of offering any interested family an affordable, student-focused, interdisciplinary and community-based experience is unique to the Missoula area and a gift to all who take part in it.  Among other things, Annie gives our students the technology-based background they need for succeeding in today’s society!



If you are interested in our programs designed specifically for teens, Annie can tell you even more about our amazing opportunities!


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“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”  -William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

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