Brandon’s Children’s Book Criterion Collection: Enemy Pie

If you’d like a real treat, go to your local library and check out Enemy Pie by Derek Munson.

Enemy Pie is one of those rare stories that seems to speak straight to the hearts of children. It’s funny, entertaining, honest and it contains a valuable lesson about friendship that will ring true with children ages 5 – 9 years old.

The story is about a young boy whose summer is ruined because he has an enemy in the neighborhood who wasn’t very nice to him. His father offers to help take care of the problem by making an enemy pie that will make his enemy disappear, but he has to spend a day with his enemy before it can work.

This book is one of the few to make it on my special shelf for favorite books that all my students love.  I can almost promise that this book will become one of your favorites and as a great follow up lesson you can make some Enemy Pie (or apple cobbler if you’re like me and like something quick and easy to cook) to share with a friend or the class.


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