Core Routines of a Naturalist and Survival Skills

Core Routines of a Naturalist and Survival Skills

We have all seen the television shows that show mankind fighting against nature to survive. A true survivalist knows his or her place in the ecosystem they are a part of. No matter what lineage you come from, at one point your people lived close to the earth. Being a naturalist and into survival skills go hand in hand. Stories about plants and animals were passed down to give knowledge to future generations. Today western culture does not have oral tradition that is meant to teach you how to survive and thrive in the place you live. Knowing the plants, animals, and landscapes around you connects you to your environment.

Here is a list of core routines that will be touched on throughout these blog posts:



-Sit spot

-Aidless Navigation


-Plant Identification

-Bird Language

-Ecological Indicators

-Survival skills

-Mind’s eye

-Expanding Sensory Awareness


These blog posts are meant to help students of all ages with their naturalist and survival skills journeys. Having a place to look things up and templates has always been helpful for me in my learning journey. The basis for having awareness of survival skills means being familiar with the environment you are a part of. The ability to acquire naturalist skills on your own is a keystone to primitive survival skills.