Brandon’s Children’s Book Criterion Collection: The Quilt Maker’s Gift

I have read thousands of children’s books to hundreds of children over the years and The Quilt Maker’s Gift is the only one that gives me pause when it’s requested because it has the power to put a lump in my throat on the final page. Simply put, The Quilt Maker’s Gift is one of the most beautiful books that I’ve encountered and is a worthy addition to anyone’s, young or old, classroom or personal library.

The book is about an old quilt maker who lives alone in the mountains above a kingdom sewing quilts to share with people in need. She will not sell the quilts for money and when a greedy king gets word of the quilts he wants one and will not take no for an answer. The story has hair-raising excitement, rich vocabulary and striking illustrations that unfold just like a gorgeous quilt.

The deeper message of The Quilt Maker’s Gift is that of transformation, redemption, compassion and altruism. I’ve given this book as a gift to adults and children alike and it’s timeless message of love makes it a favorite in my classroom library.

I’m on my third copy because it keeps going home and not coming back. When books don’t get returned consistently it tells me that it has become a favorite at home and that it’s been absorbed into a child’s stash of favorite books. The lesson I’ve learned from this book is so strong that I never mind when it disappears.


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