A Tens Rainbow on Your Smart Board with Cute Base 10 Blocks

iGet Math: Base 10 eight plus two craneWe have been asked what makes our apps different and here’s where they really excel. You have a choice of content to display on your smart board. What is going to be more interesting to your students, traditional looking base 10 blocks, or animated blocks that look like cute characters? For a kindergartener or a first grader, this is a no brainer. Keep these students engaged and excited and they will stay focused on the material for longer.

What do you need to make this happen?

  1. Download a copy of our iPad app from the iTunes app store. It costs $1.99 and of course, we think it is worth it.
  2. Download a copy of Airserver from airserver.com. As of the writing of this article, the price is $11.99 for educational use and it is well worth it. It will allow you to stream content from your iPad through your computer and on to your smart board. Not just our app – ANYTHING. Think of the possibilities!

An idea on how to teach this lesson:

iGet Math: Base 10 Intro Screen 1. Open iGet Math: Base 10 on your iPad.
Airplay Settings 2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to choose the AirPlay settings. Swipe down to close these settings. Turn Mirroring on for your computer. If this option is not available, try relaunching AirPlay on your computer.
Settings Screen 3. Touch the Settings button in the lower right hand corner  Addend 2 is set to “Hide”.
Skill Page 4. Touch the Skills button and select the “Make 10” skill.
iGet Math: Base 10 5. Launch the game and move all of the blocks to the left side. Then, move one block to the right and have the students observe what happens to the equation.
iGet Math: Base 10 9 plus 1 6. Use the count tool to count the block on the right and reveal the addend.
iGet Math: Base 10 8 plus 2 7. Use the magna, crane or flick tool to move another block to the other side. The second addend will disappear again, allowing students to guess the number of blocks on the side.
iGet Math: Base 10 eight plus two crane 8. Count the blocks again to reveal the addend. Continue with this process to demonstrate the tens rainbow. Allow students to come up and use the iPad to move the blocks, or allow them to pick the method (crane, magna tool or flick finger) that you use to move the blocks. You will have a fun, interactive lesson!

iGet Math: Base 10 7 plus 3iGet Math: Base 10 7 plus 3 iGet Math: Base 10 6 plus 4iGet Math: Base 10 6 plus 4

Extension: Give students or groups of students iPads to experiment on their own!


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