July30- Aug 3 Primitive Skills Camp (ages 5-8)



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Join primitive skills expert Clark Patton for a week of connecting with nature and being at peace in the woods. Clark will teach the kids about building shelter, creating fire with friction, cordage, flint-knapping and they may even make bows and arrows. Students who are familiar with these skills will have an opportunity to learn more advanced techniques and skills. This is a camp your kids will never forget.

Students will form a solid foundation in the basics of survival: shelter, water, food, and fire.  Emphasis is placed on creating experienced based knowledge.  We will not only learn survival skills, but also the principles underlying these skills.  Rather than struggling against the environment, it is important to know how to thrive within it.  We are cultivating a deeper sense of self, expanded awareness, and a greater understanding of our place in the natural world.
I have used the word ‘absorbed’, in preference to ‘learned’, for jungle lore is not a science that can be learned from textbooks; it can, however, be absorbed, a little at a time, and the absorption process can go on indefinitely, for the book of nature has no beginning, as it has no end.
-Jungle Lore by Jim Corbett

5 Reasons to Pick eNDVR Survival Camps
1)  Fun Skills that extend to all areas of life
2) Real Experiences that forge a lifelong connection to the wilderness
3) Old & New Friends from this year and last year
4)  Exceptional Locations are some of Missoula’s best hidden spots
5)  Staff – An incredible wealth of knowledge and experience
In this camp, teens will develop and enhance sensory awareness within nature.  Students will learn to not only survive, but also to thrive in the outdoors.  We will cover the basics of shelter, water, fire, and food necessary for self-reliance.  The experiences in this camp will draw draw teens deeper into the local ecosystem so they can recognize plants, animals, tracks, and patterns within the ecosystem.  The goal of this camp is to create a sense of comfort and ease in the wilderness.  This is the spark for a meaningful, lifelong connection to the natural world.

Some of the skills we will learn:

-How to blend & flow with the natural environment
-Natural camouflage
-Survival shelters
-How to create a fire from scratch
-Primitive hunting methods
-Deadfall traps
-Edible & medicinal plants
-Animal tracking

You may choose to register for before and after care, or just the camp option. You can drop off and pick up your child at any time during the before and after care, but the price will stay the same.

Before and After Care:
Before and After is available for this camp, it is not included in your camp price and must be purchased separately. You can add before/after care to your cart using the links below.

Add Before Care (7:30-9:30 am) for the duration of camp.
Add After Care (3:30-5:30 pm) for the duration of camp.

Off Campus:
Some camps will take the students off campus. If your child needs a booster seat, you must provide one.

Lunch and Snacks:
eNDVR does not provide food for your children. Please have your child bring a lunch and snack. We will provide water, but water bottles are always a great idea, especially for during field trips or playing outside.

The following MUST be on file at LWM Inc. prior to your student attending camp.

Liability/Healthcare/Emergency Contact Waiver

Transportation Waiver

Photo Release