eNDVR/Aspire Membership Agreement

This membership agreement is between

and Learning With Meaning, Inc. This agreement is limited to activities at and related to eNDVR located at 1905 W. Sussex Ave and/or Aspire 1806 South Ave. Suite A Missoula, Montana. Membership will begin on
and will continue until it is cancelled by either party.

Please read and accept all terms by clicking the checkmark box next to each condition or this agreement.

I have read the membership documents and fully understand the privileges and responsibilities of membership, which includes a cancellation policy and the requirement to participate in conflict mediation should a conflict arise.

I understand that my family will be billed a monthly membership rate of $20 for the first two students, plus $10 for each additional student, or an annual membership at a discounted rate. This fee and any additional charges incurred on my account will be charged through PayPal. Annual fees are non-refundable. It is my responsibility to stop recurring payments when my membership is canceled.

I understand that my family will be required to contribute 4 work hours per month. Work hours must be approved by Learning With Meaning, Inc. prior to execution. If my family does not contribute 4 work hours, our account will be charged an additional $40 for the month.

I understand that my student’s behavior cannot be disruptive to other students. If this is the case, I will be asked to attend classes with my student and supervise my student at all times. If my student continues to be disruptive, I will no longer be able to bring my student to eNDVR.

I understand that each approved work hour that my family contributes to eNDVR can be exchanged for 2 hours of classes or independent learning for one student. Work hours have no cash value. Work hours expire when a membership is not renewed. I must contribute at least 8 hours in a month in order to use those hours toward helping cover class costs.

I understand that this membership agreement can be terminated by either party with written, faxed, or emailed 30 day notice. The agreement will also be terminated when membership dues are not paid, for any reason.


**By Electronically Signing this form you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.