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At eNDVR, we believe that each student deserves an education that works for them. For some, that means attending eNDVR’s homeschool classes once or twice a week. For others, that means attending public school 4 days a week and eNDVR 1 day a week. And, for others, it means spending every day at eNDVR and immersing themselves in our unique quarterly themes. eNDVR is not a school in the traditional sense. It is a resource center for families...

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There are several ways for your child to attend eNDVR.

Become a Member

Join our learning cooperative and pay a small monthly fee to receive discounts on K-12 classes at eNDVR, this is a great option for families who wish to participate in a large homeschool community.

Attend as a Non-Member

All classes are open to non-members, this works great for anyone looking to attend sporadic classes and those not looking for volunteer opportunities to receive class discounts.

Summer Camps

We offer several amazing summer camp options during the summer months. These are open to the public and are offered in a range of age groups.

Did you know that we offer After School Programs?

If you are looking for activities for your child to do after school, look no further. We offer 3 difference programs to fit everyones needs.

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